We are located at 900 Thomas Street, at the corner of 9th Avenue N, in the South Lake Union neighborhood, Seattle, Washington.
Phone: 206-324-3020

Dedicated to restoring the Christian healing Jesus practiced and taught — living God’s love for mankind.

As a branch of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, this Christian Science church has been one of Seattle’s forward-thinking institutions for more than 110 years. Founded on the teachings of Christian Science, this church is a growing family of people who want to know and love God more, living as Christ Jesus taught us to.

Just as importantly, we are here to help one another, and you, all along the way. We moved into our current building in the South Lake Union neighborhood in July 2010. Our renovated and remodeled former auto supply dealership from the 1920s is now a resource for healing through prayer and worship, facing the needs of Seattleites in the 21st century.

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