Above, Christian Science Practitioner Evan Mehlenbacher gives a free talk, “Families and Relationships, United in Love”, in South Lake Union. Listen to a talk by Evan Mehlenbacher

Reaching out to uplift, include and bless each hungry heart in the whole of Seattle.

Let’s face it, we hear from inside and out that we’re on our own and that there’s not much hope of progress in life. But how wrong that is! It’s time everybody learned that God, good, is the main ingredient in life, and progress is a law nothing can stop – more certain than gravity. Christian Science lectures share this great, healing news from the experiences of real people who are living the powerful results of this divine truth.

So if you have questions about life, about God, or about how Christian Science solves problems within your relationships, health, or finances, check out these events online and near you. It might be just what you’re looking for.