Dr. Michael Kinnamon spoke Thursday, February 26, 2015, to members from First Church of Christ, Scientist, Seattle, as well as representatives from numerous Christian Science branch churches throughout the region. Dr. Kinnamon is a former Secretary General of the National Council of Churches and currently a professor at Seattle University, and an internationally-recognized scholar and leader in the ecumenical movement

His topic was a subject that he has been thinking deeply about, “The Problem of Fear in Society and Church – And How We Might Address it Together.” Dr. Kinnamon cited many indicators that the fear of fear is exerting much control all over the world and that we, as Christians, trusting in God represent a powerful antidote to fear, and it is strongest when all Christian are working together.

Dr Kinnamon also challenged those who attended the meeting to think more deeply about our place in the ecumenical movement. He said that the Christian churches are impoverished without Christian Science at the table, and added that Christian Science is also impoverished when we isolate ourselves from our fellow Christian churches. This point was particularly relevant as the members of the church look forward to participating in the larger faith community of the Seattle area.

Everyone appreciated and gained from the lively discussion that followed regarding the shared love of Christ and also the differences that he describes as our individual gifts to each other.

View Dr. Kinnamon’s bio on Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry’s YouTube channel: