Plant the love for God and trust in His care, and oh my, how it grows!


Students attend Sunday School up to the age of twenty. The lessons for the younger children center around the Ten Commandments, The Lord’s Prayer and the Sermon on the Mount. Gaining inspiration from Bible stories and how to apply those insights to their daily lives is central in Sunday School lessons at any age. As students progress, they become familiar not only with the Bible, but the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson and the teachings within Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy.

Classes are led by dedicated and caring teachers. Discussions encourage living from a basis of love, while demonstrating independent thought, moral courage and spiritual growth. It’s a very fruitful and fun hour of the week!

Child care is provided for the very young at all our services and meetings.


Christian Science Camps

Six unique summer camp experiences, for young Christian Scientists, located across the United States and Canada. 

Discovery Bound

We are building bridges among Christian Scientists of all ages, including youth, adults and families across the United States and beyond.

National Leadership Council (NLC)

DiscoveryBound NLC is a four year program for high school teens designed to foster spiritual growth and develop servant leadership skills.