“The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love.”
-Mary Baker Eddy



Our church is founded on the healing works of Christ Jesus and his command that we follow in his footsteps. This is the greatest love one can have for God and for mankind. The discovery of Christian Science, made by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866, uncovered the prayer-based system that made Jesus’ healing work possible. Eddy, her students, and students of Christian Science today have proven in more than 130 years of documented cases, that an understanding of God’s law is a potent, safe, and natural healing agent as it was two millenium ago. Christian Science is not faith healing. It is a tested and trustworthy system of healing based on the laws and love of God, Spirit.

We hold a meeting every Wednesday night that includes testimonies of healing. All are welcome!

Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer, and Founder of Christian Science

The Mother Church in Boston Massachsuetts

Our Pastor

Christian Science is based in the teachings of Jesus and the insights of our founder, Mary Baker Eddy. 

Sunday Services

With music, quiet prayer, and a Bible lesson read in churches around the world, Sunday services are a place of healing. 

Wednesday Evening Meetings

Listen to timely readings and hear or share inspiring remarks on Christian Science and testimonies of healing.