Why is unselfishness an important topic for our community? Join us at any of these three lecture venues as we explore this topic:

Thursday, October 8, 3pm
YWCA Opportunity Place
2024 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
Refreshments served
Friday, October 9, Noon
Reading Room
First Church of Christ, Scientist
900 Thomas St
Seattle, WA 98119
Light lunch served
Childcare provided
Saturday, October 10, 11am
Northwest African American Museum
2300 South Massachusetts St
Seattle, WA 98144
Light lunch served

Have you ever considered the possibility that people are naturally unselfish (as God created them) and could benefit from exploring this subject? Today’s self-centered, consumer-based way of living is exhausting, limiting, imprisoning, and not natural — it’s learned, inherited behavior that can be changed. We believe that people are looking for a way to experience the freedom that unselfishness brings.

When we see unselfishness in others, we are attracted to it. It makes us feel happy, positive, and loved. We want to know more about how to practice it ourselves. Imagine if mankind could live together harmoniously, caring about another’s good. How how does that happen? How do we get over fearful, self-centered habits in order to do that? This lecture will explore answers and practical steps.

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Here are some starter questions about unselfishness:

  • Does unselfishness make you vulnerable or is it aligned to the power of God to keep us safe and moving forward?
  • Is unselfishness hard to develop in ourselves, or is it natural?
  • What is unselfishness and why is it important?

Meet our lecturer, Lois Carlson, CSB of Chicago, Illinois

After difficult teenage years, Lois Carlson felt an early call to the healing practice of Christian Science while attending college. She healed others in her own dorm of challenges including overcoming suicidal tendencies, drug addiction and sexual deviations. Observing her ability to help others through prayer, the Dean of Women encouraged her to take her healing ministry seriously.

Lois’s first job out of college was in City Hall. She was convinced that her greatest service to mankind would be through politics and government. Despite the joy of many creative projects, she found that prayer was the key ingredient in getting anything done. After two years she left government work for the full-time healing ministry.

What she loves about practicing Christian Science is seeing the shift in thought as people move from limited points of view to the wider arenas of thought that are natural to man as the image and likeness of God.

Membership in her local branch of The Church of Christ, Scientist has been an essential support to her spiritual growth. The commitment to serve has brought the blessing of friendship, learning to live in community, and a happier mental outlook.

Lois lives in downtown Chicago with her husband Michael and her two cats, Tony and Sadie.

Lois is a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship